Thanks for the advice, Marius.  I'm working through it.

I have discovered though that the right-click to access the menu doesn't seem 
to work in Chrome (55.0.2883.87 m).  It does work in Firefox (37.0.2) and in 
Internet Explorer (11.0.9600.18537).  Is this a known bug or abnormal 
behaviour?  Is there a fix?

Paul Pinkerton
KnowledgeNow Project/ ACLCO

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On Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 3:31 PM, Paul Pinkerton (ACLCO) <>

> I am interested in creating an easy to navigate document library.  I 
> was thinking of using the File Manager Extension (as this is what it's 
> built
> for) - but the documentation is light on some specifics.

> -I am wondering if I can copy this to a new space (currently
> xwiki/bin/view/FileManager) and run multiple file libraries on the 
> site, each with their own permissions (space based)?  When I copy the 
> FileManager space to a new space, I get the warning that I need to 
> migrate to the new structure.  Will this affect anything other than 
> the specific space it is in?

No, it should affect only the current space. See

> -Also wondering if I can add a metadata field somehow?  One of the 
> things I liked about using a file library in SP is the ability to list 
> additional fields (ie. notes about why the file is important, 
> contents, etc...) in the grid.  Is this easy to do?

Adding meta data is fairly easy, by adding new properties to the FileClass
. Displaying and editing this meta data directly from the File Manager UI is 
more complex, but you can do it relatively easy from the "file view"
(what you see when you click on a file from the files live table), by editing 

Hope this helps,

> Paul Pinkerton
> ACLCO/ KnowledgeNow

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