We have an xwiki 6.1 installation and we can't figure out the « Share page by 
email » function.

It works very well for Admin users, but it doesn't work for regular users. We 
get an error message saying "Error: The message could not be sent to userX : 
email server error." (Or in French : Le message n'a pas pu être envoyé à UserX 
: Erreur du serveur email.)

It's the same error message seen for this problem (look at the error.png 
attachment) : http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XE-1451

It looks like a permission problem, but I don't where to look. The stack trace 
on the other hand says that there is an illegal semicolon somewhere in the 
address field, which prevents the MailSenderPlugin from sending the email. 
Again, only for regular users, Admins are OK. I've intercepted the http 
requests with Fiddler, even look at the POST payload and I don't see any 

View the stack trace here: 

Can someone provide some insight?

Best regards,
Henri-Robert Sully

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