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> Hello,
>> I am reading these
>> <http://dev.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Drafts/BSD_Install#Attachments>
>> installation instructions. Is installing Xwiki inside a freebsd jail
>> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreeBSD_jail> the recommended method? I.e.
>> is it "strongly" recommend or is there not much to gain either way.
> Jails are just a form of leightweight VMs or containers (the new buzzword)
> and I'd recommend using one to "contain" the application even if you do
> not need it right now. At any time in the future you can e.g. just archive
> the entire jail, transfer it to a different machine and just boot it ...
> The problem with the cited document is different:
> It's completely outdated! Neither is 
> diablo-caffe-freebsd7-amd64-1.6.0_07-b02.tar.bz2
> a recommended current JRE nor is Tomcat 6 a recommended version
> of Tomcat to run a current Xwiki.
> And the document doesn't even mention ZFS which gives so much
> more power to the jail architecture. And iocage ... and ...
> If you are familiar with FreeBSD, I'd recommend setting up a
> jail on FreeBSD 11 or 10.3, installing Tomcat and MySQL and then
> trying to follow a generic "how to deploy Xwiki in Tomcat" document.
> Personally, even though we are running our entire hosting on
> FreeBSD, set up single application servers on whatever
> is best supported and requires the least work. And since
> apt based installation of Xwiki is so much simpler, I run it on
> Ubuntu.

Yes apt is most likely the simplest solution, even though installing XWiki is 
also quite easy if you know how to install a servlet container (such as Tomcat) 
+ a database (such as MySQL).

FTR I’ve also published recently a docker container that contains everything 
setup, including a libreoffice server for office imports/view. See 

I’ll soon document that on xwiki.org.


> HTH,
> Patrick

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