Profile pages are usually slowed down not by tags, but by the activity
stream. Is the activity stream enabled? Can you check if the slow pages
have activity streams in them?

On 02/08/2017 02:51 PM, Paul Pinkerton  (ACLCO) wrote:
> I have a couple of pages that are loading very slowly - like 15-20 second 
> delay on loading.  Other pages load just fine.  I've always found the profile 
> pages load slowly, but had a specific space start to do this recently.  I 
> tried disabling the TAG CLOUD panel that is on that page and page load time 
> normalized.
> Wondering if anyone else had found that tag cloud panel has an issue here?  
> Is there a max number of entries after which it would start to degrade 
> performance?  Thoughts or insight appreciated.
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