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> I am combining structured and unstructured data on a single edit sheet.
> The editing mode is accessed by the user from a standard LiveTable actions
> button. The unstructured data is the page content which is included in the
> edit sheet using:
> {{html}}$xwiki.getTextArea($tdoc.content){{/html}}
> Which I got from this post: http://xwiki.475771.n2.nabble.
> com/Default-editing-mode-for-page-with-object-sheet-
> td7582541.html#a7582544 <http://xwiki.475771.n2.
> nabble.com/Default-editing-mode-for-page-with-object-
> sheet-td7582541.html#a7582544>
> This all works well enough except that the class properties use CKEditor
> but the textarea uses the wiki editor. I want the users to enter the
> unstructured data using the familiar CKEditor interface and tools. How can
> I get both the unstructured and structured data to use the same editor?

There's more information in that post, after the code you pasted: "For a
more advanced display see ...' followed by a link. So checkout

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