I guess there is no one else who has this problem?! 


I want to draw a UML Diagram with the XWiki Plugin "PlantUML". As I tested it, 
I found a problem with the feature of including links in the diagram.
I can't connect an URL to an object, because XWiki seems to import the Macro as 
a picture (something like jpeg or gif). 

There is a good Manual on how to insert links on the HowTo Page of PlantUML.com 
( http://plantuml.com/incubation ). The one I tried was a very basic test:
        Bob -> Alice : ok
        url of Bob is [[http://www.google.com]]

The problem with this is, that you can't click on "Bob" as a link because the 
link is not passed through to the XWiki page. 
Maybe you have an idea how to solve it or could tell me if there is a way to 
work around this.

Thank you in advance

Kind regards,

Timo Dachs-Wegmann

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