Thank you for responding! I was away from my PC for quite a long time, could
not investigate fully.

First of all, I have watched the video and checked that programming rights
are fine for my Admin user. the default behavior is to check for them, and
the user have them, so everything is OK.
Then I set 'discard success statuses' option to explicit 'No' in admin
Next, I have taken a sample, changed $services.mailsender.createMessage()
parameters to reflect actual email before adding a page.
I did try to create a velocity test email page with memory listener, but...
the page did not finish loading after I clicked 'Save and View'. It was
actually created, and email was prepared (log excerpt below), but email was
neither sent nor displayed in Mail Sending Status (the latter is expected as
we bypass DB here).

Of course, no email was received and I cannot open my velocity test page due
to infinite loading.

I have created a thread dump for you to look at, maybe that will help:
Several email-related threads are in WAITING and TIMED_WAITING statuses.
The testing page is called 'email-velocity-memory' for faster debugging.

If there's anything else I can help with, please let me know.
Oh, and you will see AJP connector thread: I use 'mod_jk' to proxy Tomcat
through Apache, and the Tomcat serves 2 XWikis as 2 different services. I
have separated them fine (I think), but I can email you configs in case my
setup is too custom and was not tested before.

Thanks for all your help!

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