I'm quite new in XWiki and trying to use the RestAPI to create pages, and
pages inside pages (which I think is called spaces).  I have the feeling
that 'spaces' is a legacy term, and that in the current XWiki (Enterprise
9.1), an space is just a page that contains other pages. Kindly correct me
if I'm wrong, but I have not find anywhere how to create an space.

Below the 2 URLs I'm using to create the pages. In both cases, when I use
PUT to call the 2 urls, I pass as data a content and a title. I have no
problem with the title and the content, both are being created correctly.
My end goal is to create pages, and pages withing pages.


In both cases, I'm using PUT and I'm able to create pages successfully,
however, not as I want:

- "
This one creates a page called "madrid" (with the content I pass)

- "
I would expect this one to create a page named "cibeles" inside the
previous "madrid" page.
Instead, it creates a new "madrid" page (without any text in the content,
which is fine as I dont pass anything), and inside this page, the "cibeles"
page (with the content I expect)

So, I end up having TWO pages named "madrid"

 One points to "http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/view/2017-2020/madrid/";
(and have inside a page named cibeles) . This "madrid" page displays this
text: "The requested page could not be found.", although inthe hierarchy
tree I see it has a page inside.

 The other (without a nested page), points to: "
http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/view/2017-2020/madrid"; and has a proper
content (which I passed in the PUT request)

 (notice the / at the end of the URL, "madrid" vs "madrid/" )

 How to indicate that the page should be created in an existing page
without the need to create this new parent page? Or even if I have to
create first the parent page, how to tell that the child page should be
inside that existing parent page?

 Thanks for your help,


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