Port in <server> property is a Tomcat system port used for shutdown, it
should not be confused with a port Tomcat service connector listens on
(client connection port like 80, 8080, 443 etc). So changing it to 8080 is
not what you should've done, I think.

Two instances are most likely due to first failed attempt to stop Tomcat,
after which you've started it again. I have seen the similar issue.

What you'd probably want to do is to killall java, then change port back to
8005, start Tomcat and wait till it's up and running, check that it listens
on port 8005 and it is the correct Tomcat (in case you have several of them
you should use other port, but not 8080 as it is used for client
My example with 2 tomcats running:

After this you'd probably want to (manually) send a signal (default is
sending 'SHUTDOWN') to this port and wait for what happens. I bet
catalina.out log will have some info on whether the shutdown was successful.

One more tip: you actually shouldn't run Tomcat as root, this could get
messy pretty fast.

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