We’ve come across a slight issue with the Lightbox macro when using CKEditor 
1.12. I thought I’d post to the group before logging it on Jira.

Basically, the issue is that when you go into CKEditor, the Macro encompasses 
all the text that follows it [1]. I have marked up all the images so please 
look at them as it should make it easier to see what I mean. Looking at the 
source, it appears that the closing DIV for the macro is being put at the end 
of all the following content [2].

If you then go into Source view, it deletes all the text after the lightbox 
macro [3]. If you edit using the original Wiki editor, you can see all the text 
is there correctly [4]

You can put in a terrible workaround (this was more an experiment than a 
solution to be honest) by going into Wiki edit mode, and adding 2 extra line 
breaks and a closing DIV tag inside the HTML tags [5]. This then allows 
CKEditor to render correctly and you can view/edit the content after the light 
box without any issues. [6]. Sadly this isn’t a solution and I hope someone can 
help with a proper solution.

It seems to me that this is something that needs changing in CKEditor, rather 
than in the Lightbox Macro as rendering of the images and lightbox is fine when 
viewing the documents, and it seems the Macro JS code does not get executed 
when editing in CKEditor.

Please let me know if you need any other info and I hope someone can help. 

[1] - http://pasteboard.co/JljtnBA9U.png
[2] - http://pasteboard.co/JlFkCTN8k.png
[3] - http://pasteboard.co/JlG6J0k5E.png
[4] - http://pasteboard.co/JlGsIdGZK.png
[5] - http://pasteboard.co/JlHgakjs2.png
[6] - http://pasteboard.co/JlHCxvOC8.png

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Mahomed Hussein
Custodian Data Centre
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