I don't really use small viewports but if I did, my vote would be for 

The design is clean, flows and is intuitive. (Unless I've misunderstood you, 
and you are saying this is the way it looks now :) )

I have noticed that you have lost "Preview" from the compacted bar. Maybe make 
the left button preview, the right button is "Save & View" with a drop down for 
"Save & Continue" (like you have with the Edit/Settings button.

Kind regards,

Mahomed Hussein
Custodian Data Centre
Email: maho...@custodiandc.com

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We had some users complaining that the first time they edit a page they don't 
know how to save it. Depending on the screen resolution, the save buttons since 
they are at the bottom of the page are not visible and some users don't know 
they need to scroll in order to see them.

We want to make some changes to XWiki, that:
- Display the save buttons in a fixed bottom bar, when they are out of the 
viewport, see 
- When the user scroll, the buttons go into their position, see 
- We compacted the bottom functionalities (summary, minor, auto-save), see

What do you think about this proposal? Would it improve the visibility of the 
buttons? Do you have other ideas? Is it something we should implement?


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