P2 is great because it is descriptive and probably helpful on wikis with a lot 
of users who are "less technical" or "slightly technophobic".

P4 is great because it is compact and I think even technophobic users will 
understand what the buttons do after the first few tries. So my vote is for P4.

Regarding "combine the actions and add category labels". That looks awesome and 
much more intuitive.

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Mahomed Hussein
Custodian Data Centre
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We had feedback that new users don't know where to find the 'Edit' and 'Create' 
buttons. Also there is some confusions of why we have a 'cog' icon that 
contains actions like 'Delete' and a 'three dots' icon that contain other 

Would be great if you could tell us which version you prefer:

Both proposals add backgrounds around the icons, the main difference is that P2 
also uses descriptive labels, while P4 keeps the consistency with the top icons 
and a more minimalist style.

For the more actions menu, we want to combine the actions and add category 
labels, see 

What do you think? Do you have other solutions for your instances? Did you 
encounter the same problem?


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