Hi XWiki users,

In order to make it simpler and more modern for users to participate to XWiki 
discussions, we’ve set up a new forum based on Discourse:


Please start using it instead of the XWiki User Mailing list. This mailing list 
will become read only in a few days so please start moving to the forum ASAP.

Note that you can subscribe to receive all forum posts as email notifications 
if you wish (it’s configurable in your user profile). Also note that for the 
moment it’s not possible to reply to the mails (we’re still trying to configure 

We hope that you’ll appreciate this move :)


PS: For the moment the XWiki Devs mailing list remains. It’s possible that it 
could be moved to a forum too in the future but nothing is decided and we’re 
migrating the users list first.

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