Hi Nirav,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
I think idea of reuse notebook make sense.

One possible idea about resuing notebook, is extend current
z.run(PRARAGRAPH_ID) [1] which works for paragraphs only in the same note,
to z.run(NOTE_ID) or z.run(PARAGRAPH_ID) which works any note or paragraph
in the other note.

Deploy notebook in production, there're two approaches. One is improve REST
api from external application, the other is enhance Zeppelin's job
scheduler. I think both valid approach.



On Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 2:43 AM Nirav Patel <npa...@xactlycorp.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Currently I am using apache zeppelin alongside my eclipse based scala
> project. So basically I use my scala project to spit various intermediate
> files or file I need for analysis and then use zeppelin to create different
> visualization on top of those files. However, many times I find myself to
> be able to dig more into models that I am using. For that I think it's
> easier to just do modeling in zeppelin as well using spark mllib or any
> other imported library. Is this a proper use case for zeppelin?
> If it is then I think there are some enhancement should be added to
> notebook. e.g. Ability to reuse notebook (treat them as a class or package
> ) so it can be imported into other notebooks at least. That way we can
> define common imports, variables, files, objects (filesystem, connection
> pool) etc.
> Another thing to consider is how to deploy such notebooks in production.
> e.g. how to parameterize zeppelin notebook and call it via REST or
> something.
> Thanks
> Nirav
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