Hi Jeff,

And, if we want to merge what will be considered as the 0.8.0 stable version 
into our repository, what would be the commit (or tag) we should merge?

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I plan to cut RC next week, the official release depends on voting and testing.

ankit jain 
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Any rough estimate Jeff - within next week or so or by end of Feb?


On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 6:35 AM, Jeff Zhang 
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It would be pretty soon, I am preparing the release of 0.8.0

wilsonr guevara arevalo 
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I'm currently working with a zeppelin version 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT but I want to be 
clear about what´s the last stable version and when is there going to be a new 

I understand that the current stable is 0.7.3. But, from the current zeppelin 
code I'm seeing that there's already a version number 0.9.0 in progress. When 
would be released the 0.8.0 stable version and how could I know which changes 
would or wouldn´t be in that version?

Thanks in advance!

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