We've noticed two major issues with z.show() after upgrading Zeppelin

z.show(df) used to work directly on spark dataframe object,
now it produces TypeError: object of type 'DataFrame' has no len()
Full exception stack in [1].

We tried disabling ipython and it seems to be a workaround.
I there is a way to have compatibility with previous Zeppelin release
on z.show()
without disabling ipython altogether?


The new UI grid displays just an empty box when output is cut with a
message like

> Output is truncated to 102400 bytes. Learn more about

It doesn't happen every time, I think it depends on how interpreter has cut
the table?


More minor - the new data grid visualization seems much slower on wider
Not sure if there is a way to fallback to older table data grid UI option?


TypeErrorTraceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-4-47beac9208ab>
> in <module>()
> ----> 1 z.show(spark.sql('select * from disc_mrt.unified_fact'))
> <ipython-input-1-b24458af29e1> in show(self, p, **kwargs)
> 73 # `isinstance(p, DataFrame)` would req `import
> pandas.core.frame.DataFrame`
> 74 # and so a dependency on pandas
> ---> 75 self.show_dataframe(p, **kwargs)
> 76 elif hasattr(p, '__call__'):
> 77 p() #error reporting <ipython-input-1-b24458af29e1> in show_dataframe(self,
> df, show_index, **kwargs)
> 80 """Pretty prints DF using Table Display System 81 """ ---> 82 limit =
> len(df) > self.max_result 83 header_buf = StringIO("")
> 84 if show_index: TypeError: object of type 'DataFrame' has no len()

Ruslan Dautkhanov

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