Hi all,

I am using Zeppelin 0.7.3 (as it comes in AWS with EMR-5.11.1) and am
having hard time visualizing geographical paths defined by the
latitude-longitude sequence. I tried different approaches:

1) angular+leaflet -- doesn't seem to work when embedded in Zeppelin
Notebook (tried with Zeppelin 0.7.2 only though)

2) angular+openlayers -- static path visualization could be embedded in
Zeppelin and even works with zoom, albeit with some issues, e.g. page
scrolling becomes really slow

3) matplotlib + mplleaflet -- works as HTML-export only (maybe html5 svg
animation could be possible?..)

So, even static geo-path visualization is a headache and neither of these
approaches gave me some even simplistic path animation.

It would be really cool to have an ability to show the path, some labels
along the path, be able to zoom it and finally -- to animate the path.

The path animation is quite important for the interpretation, because from
the static picture (even with arrows) it is not that easy to figure out if
the path segment is used in one or both direction on the dense graphs. Also
without animation it is really not easy to comprehend the whole
chronological sequence of the path taken.

Any advises on how to get geo-path animation naturally working in Zeppelin
are warmly welcome, Python-based solutions (e.g. matplotlib, etc) are
especially welcomed

many thanks in advance,
best regards

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