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We are very excited about Zeppelin 0.81, especially the improved support for 
yarn cluster mode. One challenge we have run into so far is working with 
dependencies when using yarn cluster mode. For example if I set my interpreter 

master: yarn
spark.submit.deployMode: cluster
zeppelin.spark.useNew: true

then in the dependencies section try to include something like:

I find that when I try to import that package in zeppelin it gives me an error 
as if the dependency is not being included:

error: object maxmind is not a member of package com

Is there a different process required for loading dependencies in yarn cluster 
mode on zeppelin? Also has anyone seen any documentation or anything written 
from people working with yarn cluster mode on zeppelin that might have some 
guidance? It turns out that “zeppelin yarn cluster” are not the most unique 
terms for googling.

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