From: Jeff Zhang <zjf...@gmail.com>
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2019 10:28 PM
To: users
Subject: [DISCUSS] Deprecate support for Spark 2.2.x and earlier version

Hi Folks,

Spark 2.2.x will be EOL[1] from January of 2019. So I am considering to 
deprecate support for spark 2.2.x and earlier version in Zeppelin 0.9.0. 
Deprecation means that from Zeppelin 0.9 user is still able to run spark 2.2.x 
and earlier version, but will see a warning message in frontend about this 
deprecation. And in the next major version(maybe 0.10, or 1.0), we would 
totally remove support for spark 2.2.x and earlier version. The impact for 
users is the deprecation message in frontend. It may cause issues for users if 
they use rest api of zeppelin to run paragraph, then fetch and parse the result.

Let me know your concern about this. Thanks

[1] https://spark.apache.org/versioning-policy.html

Best Regards

Jeff Zhang

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