Hi All,

I'm trying to use the new feature of yarn cluster mode to run Spark 2.4.0
jobs on Zeppelin 0.8.1. I've set the SPARK_HOME, SPARK_SUBMIT_OPTIONS, and
HADOOP_CONF_DIR env variables in zeppelin-env.sh so that the Spark
interpreter can be started in the cluster. I used `--jars` in
SPARK_SUBMIT_OPTIONS to add local jars. However, when I tried to import a
class from the jars in a Spark paragraph, the interpreter complained that
it cannot find the package and class ("<console>:23: error: object ... is
not a member of package ..."). Looks like the jars are not properly

I followed the instruction here
to add the jars, but it seems that it's not working in the cluster mode.
And this issue seems to be related to this bug:
https://jira.apache.org/jira/browse/ZEPPELIN-3986.  Is there any update on
fixing it? What is the right way to add local jars in yarn cluster mode?
Any help and update are much appreciated.

Here's the SPARK_SUBMIT_OPTIONS I used (packages and jars paths omitted):

export SPARK_SUBMIT_OPTIONS="--driver-memory 12G --packages ... --jars ...

- Ethan
- Ethan

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