Please let me know if you have any matching profiles for the below
requirement. Kindly reply to

Locals only + in person interview

Business Systems Analyst

Golden, CO
6 months

Must have 10 – 15 years of experience
state experience huge plus


    Skills    Communication skills both verbal and written    Expert
5-6 yrs
    Skills    Data Analysis                 Expert        5-6 yrs

    Skills    Learning ability                 Advanced        5-6 yrs

    Skills    MicrosoftOffice                 Advanced        5-6 yrs

    Skills    Presentation skills                 Expert        5-6 yrs

    Skills    Project management                 Proficient        5-6
    Skills    Proposal writing                 Advanced        5-6 yrs

    Skills    Team work                 Expert        5-6 yrs

Thanks & Regards,


SVK Technology Solutions, Inc  Gtalk: pradeep.recruiter63

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