The Date & Time standards are inititiated by ISO.  They have no direct
connection with SI;  their indirect connection is that they are both
products of international standards writing bodies.

Incidentally, encouraging as it is to see good use being made of the
Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute,  Second format, the STANDARDS  [ISO 8601,
ANSI X3.30 etc.]  by BYU, it should be noted that the use of the solidus
("/")  as a delimiter between elements of the date is not sanctioned.  The
use of the solidus is reserved for the purpose of indicating a range of
dates  as in (say) 2001-10-30/31 where something takes place during the
final two days of October.

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>To all:
>Just wanted to share with the list a link to one of the alerts issued by
>the Office of Information Technology here at Brigham Young University in
>Provo, Utah.  What a great use of SI in time and date expressions!

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