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Transport Canada requires that speedometers must be calibrated in km/ h.
That being said, there is no prohibition on speedometers also displaying
MPH, nor is there a requirement that the km/h be the primary set of numbers
when both km/h and MPH are displayed.  (That being said, if the car was
manufactured for the Canadian market and if the speedometer simultaneously
displays km/h and MPH, the km/h are normally always the more prominent

Odometers and trip counters must be calibrated in km, but they may be
calibrated in miles if there is a label stating
the at the odometer is calibrated in miles.   Again, odometers for  
cars manufactured to be sold in Canada will have odometers displaying km.

So, to summarize, in Canada:

A speedometer can be km/h, or both km/h and MPH (with no requirement for
km/h to be primary).
But, a speedometer could not display MPH alone (unless the car was
manufactured before the metric requirements were implemented.)

An odometer can display km alone or miles alone, but if displaying miles, a
label must be displayed showing this.

The reason that there is no requirement for the km/h to be the primary
numbers when both are displayed, and to allow odometers to display miles as
long as a label accompanies it, is to allow for the legal and permanent ,
importation of US market cars into Canada (normally done by persons who move
from the US to Canada and who bring
their cars with them).   Their US speedometer meets Canadian  
requirements, even if the km/h is the smaller set of numbers.  Also, since
the US odometer may display miles alone, that odometer would be legal in
Canada by the application of a label on the dash, stating that the odometer
reads in miles.

Here is the Transport Canada website where the regulations are published.

Check section 101 (17, 18, 18.1)


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> I guess I'm wondering more what the current practice is now, and 
> secondarily what the law allows (i.e, are the choices km/h only or 
> both km/h and mph provided that the km/h display is primary on dual 
> analog displays, etc;)_
> Ezra

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