Changes coming next week to the listserver, on 28 September!

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Sent: Wednesday, 21 September, 2016 13:48
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Subject: Mailman list changes in ONE WEEK

This email is to remind you as a list owner that one week from today we will be 
making a minor change to Mailman. Beginning September 28th, at 9 AM, list 
addresses will be in the format instead of the 


At 9 AM, there will be a brief Mailman outage where any messages sent to a list 
will be held until the outage is over. While this is not expected to take long, 
we highly recommend delaying sending out list messages until at least 10 AM, as 
the service may be temporarily unpredictable.

The ultimate reason we are making this change is to help ACNS simplify the 
management of the University mailing lists. This will also help to better 
assure that emails are received by all list members and are not dropped.
Messages sent from a mailing list will be more easily identifiable, since 
"lists" will be explicitly in the address.

What to Expect:

Starting September 28th, any email sent to the original list addresses will be 
returned as non-deliverable. Users will receive an automated email informing 
them of the change and to resend to the proper "".

And We Need Your Help:

We are asking list owners to inform their subscribers of this change; assuming 
they are lists where end users are able to send messages to the entire group. 
If it is a restricted list where only several individuals are able to send, it 
is up to the list owner to decide if sharing this information is valuable.

We will send one more reminder next Tuesday, the 27th, of this change. Any 
questions can be sent to We are looking forward to 
having our email systems working more efficiently!

Jo Zwack
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Colorado State University
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