Mark (Henschel)-- A very nice article indeed, which presciently recognizes that the U.S. is well on the road to metrication primarily because of U.S. industry. I think that we metricationists need to get out of the old mindset of having metrication being imposed by the government -- which nowadays is incompetent to do anything and would probably royally foul up metrication -- and realize that it is commerce that is going to drive the conversion, without triggering the pointless metric debate again.

Rather than the pessimism that so many metricationists take, we should rather revel on this, our 100th anniversary, about how much we have accomplished. Don (Hillger) and Paul (Trusten), I hope that you can arrange for a very positive article in the next "Metric Today" about how far we have come. It is really quite astonishing, given that the government has been incapable. The U.S. is not Australia. --Martin Morrison

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