Headlines are normally written by someone else.  The first story says 300 000 
gallons in headlines, but 300 tons in body.  Tank is quoted as 10' x 10' 
(cylindrical), so maybe 785 ft³.  USA today says 300 000 tons but quotes in a 
link another story that says 300 tons.  The WaPo story now admits 300 000 tons 
was amended to 300 tons, 272 metric tons.  Sounds more like comedic misquoting 
of each other, with ZERO fact-checking (about the modern norm.

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{}-->This is not strictly about metric but a comical example of how easily 
things get screwed up if you don’t pay attention to units of measure    Sadly 
there was a fire and tank rupture at an Owens Illinois glass plant in Ohio. 
Fortunately nobody hurt, but a [presumably] large spill of molten glass.    How 
much glass?:    Was it: 300 tons or 300,000 gallons (in the same article) 
    or 300,000 tons (272,156 metric tons) 
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