On Monday, 9 April 2018 16.25.52 EDT Peter Goodyear wrote:
> Hi, everyone,
> Calling the SI measurement system “the decimal system” would help to
> distinguish it from all the other uses of “metric system” used in business,
> sports and elsewhere for grading, ranking and scoring performance or worth
> of individuals, companies, sports teams and so on.

This is the difference between "metric" as an adjective, as a noun without an 
article, and as a count noun. "Metric" as an adjective means "having the meter 
as a base unit" (or the centimeter, if you're talking about CGS). "Metric" as 
a noun without an article is short for "the metric system": "What's that in 
metric?". "Metric" as a count noun (i.e. a metric, or metrics) means "a way of 
computing a number to measure something". So the BMI is a metric metric, i.e. 
a way of computing a number to measure obesity using two base units, one of 
which is the meter. The "metric system" you're talking about would be better 
worded as "system of metrics" to avoid confusion with SI.

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