I do not agree and do not think we need a new name for the metric system in the 
US.   The metric system is well known and becoming better understood every day. 
Kids learn the metric system not the decimal system, they may not use it much 
in the real world but they do know what it is. If this country ever gets 
serious about converting, a simple marketing program would have everyone 
talking metric in short order. They may not fully grasp it but they would know 
what it is.  The decimal system could apply to many things, the metric system 
is the way we measure. It is understood worldwide.  People don't talk about the 
system they measure in, they measure in feet, inches, meters, kilograms, etc. 
familiar terms in either system. Only those debating the merits of the systems 
call it the English system, WOMBAT, US Customary, Imperial (not really what we 
use vs. the old British system) or many of the other dozes of terms there are 
for the way we measure. There is only two terms for how the rest of the world 
measures, the more formal System International (SI) or the less formal Metric 
system.  Why add more confusion by adding a new term, decimal system, that is 
purely colloquial. The point of SI and international standardization was that 
we will be talking the same language measurement wise and that one can count on 
that standard anywhere in the world. We don't need a new name.  It would just 
give the anti-metric advocates something else to bite on to. 

Howard R. Ressel
Project Design Engineer

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John Dunlop -- I like this idea very much.  The real down side is that the term 
"metric" has become so established by now that it will be difficult to 
introduce the new terminology. --Martin Morrison 
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