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If you use the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers there is now a 
browser extension for each which will convert Imperial or US measurements to 
metric. The programmer who developed this posted the news about it on Reddit’s 
metric forum on 2018-03-09 and announced an update today. He goes by the Reddit 
user name of milos2
Today’s announcement and comments are here:   

Last month’s announcement and comments are here:  

The links to download the browser extensions are in today’s announcement which 
is reproduced below:
I have updated the Everything Metric, the extension for Chrome, and Addon for 
Firefox, that automatically adds metric units in brackets behind the 

Ignores "in" followed by a/the/my... to prevent "5 in a box" to be converted, 
but allow "5 in box"

If site domain is .UK it will use Imperial units instead of USC

Ignores units that are already converted (if followed by open brackets) and 
fixed closing the last bracket

Ignores sites that have contenteditable element or Google Docs (so it does not 
edit the editable documents)

Better number parsing

Option to chose mm instead cm; option to use of Gm and Mm for very big 
mesurements, option to use comma as decimal separator, optional use of space to 
separate thousand units grouping...

If you think it is useful, please promote further in metrication groups and 

Best wishes,

Peter Goodyear,

Melbourne, Australia
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