Hi Nirmala,

Yes, you can simultaneously transmit and receive with SDRuTransmitter and 
SDRureceiver objects – see 

The Simulink error you show below occurs because you are sending a row vector 
into the SDRu Transmitter block.  Send it a column vector (151 x 1), and your 
model should run.

You would use the Data and Data Len ports as shown in the model below:


As the name implies, the Data port is for the data.  The Data Len port should 
be used as an enable signal for a downstream enabled subsystem.  Your receiver 
processing should be in that enabled subsystem.


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I have just started programming simple scripts in matlab for B205mini-i. Can I 
transmit and receive simultaneously using SDRUtransmitter and receiver objects 
in Matlab?

I also tried to use simulink, and gave a simple cos signal as input, the value 
is 1 X 151 vector, just  cos values between  [-1 1]. however I am getting error.

Error reported by S-function 'usrp_uhd_sfuntx' in 'prj1/SDRu 

Input signal 1 must be a column vector.

Component:Simulink | Category:Modelerror

Error in port widths or dimensions. Output port 1 of 'prj1/SDRu 
Transmitter/Data' is a one dimensional vector with 150 elements.

Also how should I connect the Data and Length ports of SDRUreceiver.?

request help.



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