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you can buy[1] an add-on GPS receiver module for the B210, which you can
plug into the board. Its purpose is being a GPS Discipline Oscillator
(GPSDO), for special applications where you need that.

The antenna for that GPSDO module would then be connected to the GPS
ANT. If you don't have a GPSDO, you don't have to connect anything to
that port.

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On 12.08.2017 01:59, Luciano Capone via USRP-users wrote:
> Hello to everybody and nice to meet you.
> I'm new with USRP and this is my first post!
> I'm beginning to use a B210 board and I have a question.
> In the getting started guide I have read that it's always important to
> properly terminate the transmit port with an antenna or 50 ohm load. 
> I'd like to know if it is useful for "GPS ANT" connector too? I didn't
> understand if that is TX or Rx port.
> Thanks. 
> Luciano
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