On 01/24/2018 09:27 AM, ROBIN TORTORA wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> Thanks for the update, we have done the same for similar reasons...
> A couple of quick followups:
> Are you considering supporting MSVC 2017 "soon"?


we were (and still are) waiting for Boost to officially support MSVC
2017; if that doesn't happen any time soon we'll have to look into ways
of testing this ourselves. However, I have heard of people using 2017

> Do you guys ever consider officially supporting the intel compiler?

No plans, but you're probably the first to ask for it :) If there is
more interest, we might consider pulling it into our CI setup.


> Thanks,
>> On January 23, 2018 at 5:20 PM Martin Braun via USRP-users 
>> <usrp-users@lists.ettus.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> we are gearing up towards another major release (, which will
>> have two major changes in dependency requirements:
>> - We are dropping support for MSCV 12.0. The lowest supported MSVC
>> version is now 14.0 (aka MSVC 2015). We were having too much trouble
>> with the lack of C++11 support in MSVC 12.0. This change has already
>> been rolled out to master branch. gcc and clang versions are not
>> affected, nor are CMake and Boost.
>> - In the next few days, we'll be upgrading to Vivado 2017.4 for all of
>> our generation-3 devices (X-Series, E310, N230, and future devices).
>> Once we upgrade, it will no longer be possible to build FPGA images with
>> any other version of Vivado. If you can spare the disk space, you can
>> start downloading the new Vivado installer. Once we upgrade, we'll be
>> re-releasing all affected FPGA images, and bumping their compat numbers
>> (even if technically, there will be no compatibility change, but we need
>> it to force synchronization between the UHD branch and pre-built
>> binaries). This will force re-running uhd_images_downloader, and then
>> upgrading the FPGA image.
>> Cheers,
>> Martin
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