Hi all,

it's been a long time since our last major UHD release! We'll have
another one relatively soon, I've just tagged our RC1 and we're
currently testing it for a while before we push it live.

There are hundreds and hundreds of commits with respect to our latest
stable release. The release notes are suspiciously short, that's because
the vast majority of changes are wrapped into two bullet points: We
added N310 support, and that includes a whole new subsystem called MPM,
and an internally tracked 3rd-party dependency called rpclib.
If you haven't pulled master in a while, you'll notice the source tree
has grown quite a bit due to these additions.

Another feature that made it into the release is the ability to store
settings more permanently in config files. And of course, this release
includes all bugfixes and changes from our stable branch.

Here's a link to the tag:



* N310: Added driver

* UBX: Add support for CAL antenna for Rev E

* Added the module peripheral manager (MPM) with all subcomponents (N310

  drivers, mpm_shell, RPC server, BIST, etc.)

* UHD: Added rpclib as a internally tracked dependency

* UHD: Reduced the usage of Boost

* UHD: Updated uhd_images_downloader: Now uses more elaborate manifest
  to optimize downloads

* UHD: Introduced uhdlib internal include paths

* UHD: Add support for configuration files. USRP settings can now be set
  using a uhd.conf file in addition to device args

* UHD: Add narrow and narrow_cast

* gr-usrptest: Various bugfixes

* Updated required Vivado version to 2017.4

* Updated all license headers to use SPDX identifiers and correctly
  identify Ettus Research as part of National Instruments

* This release includes all bugfixes and features from previous
  releases, in particular, the 3.10.* release cycle


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