Dear fellow users,

I intend to put together a 8 channel data collection system using 2 X310s, each 
mounted with 2 TwinRXs.  With the guidance from the past experience in this 
forum, I have installed the hardware and started data collection on a computer 
running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and UHD  Time and frequency 
synchronisation were obtained by using the clock and PPS from external 
Octoclock-G, and also timed command for the two X310s as source0 and source1.

However, I realised that as the TwinRXs in different X310s did not share LOs, 
the data collected was not phase synchronised.  I am currently trying to take 
LO1 and LO2 from one of the boxes and sharing it with the other TwinRXs via an 
RF splitter.  The first TwinRX LOs are set to "Internal, True (for export)" and 
"Companion, True", while the rest are set to "External, False".  I shall refer 
to the former TwinRX as "Master", and the remaining as "Slave".  The Master is 
in RX A slot of the first X310.

With this setup, I am able to achieve phase synchronisation repeatedly for the 
Master, and Slaves placed in RX B slot of X310.  The Slave place in RX A slot 
of the second X310 has a phase which starts independently of the Master.

Any kind advice of what I am missing to achieve phase synchronisation of the 
last Slave?

GOH Liang Zhen

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