Hi Dave.  The official product announcement of the USRP N310 was just
posted today.   The N310 is now orderable!

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> Just saw that the N310 is officially on the ettus.com website.  Curious
> about the following:
>    - The product pages says that it's not for fast tuning.  Should I
>    expect roughly the same tuning times as the B2x0 radios?
> Currently, the tuning times are actually a bit slower than the B200/E310
(~140 ms) because the frequency is adjusted via SW SPI commands to the
AD9371 transceiver.   A future performance enhancement will be to implement
frequency tunes via GPIO lines from the FPGA.   The AD9371 was not designed
for fast frequency hopping.  The AD9371 has an embedded ARM Cortex-M0
processor that orchestrates an on-chip quadrature error correction (i.e.,
I/Q imbalance calibration) that takes an appreciable amount of time to
converge.  The fastest that the device will be ever be capable of tuning
without disabling this calibration is ~2 ms.

>    - At the bottom of the page there is a note about only being able to
>    tune 2 LOs independently.  Does this mean that even though there are 4 RX
>    paths, you can only look on 2 large bands at the same time (assuming all
>    the bands you want are > 200 MHz apart)?
> The N310 has two daughterboards, each of which have an AD9371.     The
AD9371 has 2 Tx and 2 Rx channels per chip.  The 2 Tx and 2 Rx channels
each share an LO, so you can tune each daughtercard's transmitters and
receivers independently, but not all 4 transmitters and receivers
independently.    For additional details, take a look at the AD9371 product
page:   http://www.analog.com/en/products/rf-microwave/integ

>    - Are timed commands supported the way they are for the N and X
>    series?  I don't mean the limited timed command support that the B series
>    radios have.
>  Timed commands do exist for the N310, however there is a subtlety here.
 Any interactions with AD9371 transceiver are not currently supported via
timed commands.   Future support is possible, but with accuracy in the
millisecond range.

>    - If so, is there just one command FIFO like in the N and X series?
> Correct.

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