Hi Nick,

Thanks for the response. I am streaming from one channel at a time. I switch 
between channels by toggling:

             _radio_ctrl->set_rx_streamer(false, _radio_chan);
             _radio_ctrl->set_rx_streamer(true, _calib_chan);

And then issue timed RX stream commands:

uhd::time_spec_t timenow = _radio_ctrl->get_time_now();
               uhd::time_spec_t time_spec = 
                stream_cmd.stream_now = false;
               stream_cmd.time_spec = time_spec;
issue_stream_cmd_override(stream_cmd, _radio_chan);

Where issue_stream_cmd_override() is the same as 
_radio_ctrl->issue_stream_cmd() except that it doesn’t check that the requested 
channel is active (easiest way I found to quickly switch between RXA and RXB). 
I also set the MCS register in the aD9361 initialization so that the two 
channels are phase coherent.

A signal generator upstream from the radio in the FPGA generates the TX pulse 
on request (with a timestamp to forward) and creates a vita header with the 
same timestamp used for the RX stream command, so TX and RX begin at the same 
clock cycle.



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Could you post your flowgraph or UHD program, or the relevant excerpts? Are the 
two RX channels being loaded simultaneously? Are you using timed commands to 
start the RX and TX streams?

On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 11:52 AM Prager, Samuel M (334E) via USRP-users 
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We are interested in using the E312 as a phase-sensitive radar sounder and have 
run into an interesting issue.

We are measuring (relative) cable length by estimating linear phase slope from 
a 10MHz chirp pulse and are using the following test setup (attached):

We have set the appropriate AD9361 registers to keep the VCO/PLL dividers on so 
that RXA (data) and RXB (calibration) are phase coherent. We perform pulse 
averaging on each channel and match filter with the cal channel pulse (shorter 

We have noticed that the phase measurements remain stable within <1 cm 99% 
confidence interval for successive trials with multiple re-tunings of the LO 
over long periods of time. However, we have found that if the FPGA bit file is 
unloaded (put in idle mode) and then reloaded (either through power-cycle or 
termination of UHD-based application), the measured phase slope jumps randomly.

We’re really scratching our heads over this behavior… multiple trials on a 
given ‘cycle’ remain stable around a mean value, but that value jumps around 
from cycle to cycle in a seemingly random way.

I have attached plots for two tests - the vertical black dotted lines are 
placed to show when the E312 FPGA image was cycled. Each data point is taken 
from a separate LO tuning (ie. tune to 400mhz, collect data, tune to 1ghz, 
wait, tune to 400mhz, collect data,…)

Any ideas about where could possibly be coming from? Is there somewhere in the 
E312 initialization that the relative path between RXA and RXB may be changed 

I really appreciate any help!

Thank you,


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