Hello everyone
I have this result after several installs, I use an HP I5 pc with 8G of RAM
memory - with ubuntu 16.4.1 - uhd-images_4.0.0rfnoc-devel-238-g39a41476- as
per site ettus instructions - I wanted to know if there is a solution thank
you all for your reply

[ERROR] [UHD] Exception caught in safe-call.
  in virtual ctrl_iface_impl::~ctrl_iface_impl()
  at /home/ettus/e300/src/uhd/host/lib/rfnoc/ctrl_iface.cpp:76
this->peek32(0); -> AssertionError: (sts >> 7) & 0x1
  in typename T::sptr e300_transport::get_buff(double) [with T =
uhd::transport::managed_send_buffer; typename T::sptr =
  at /home/ettus/e300/src/uhd/host/lib/usrp/e300/e300_fifo_config.cpp:257
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