Hi.I have two USRP X310s and wonder which board between SBX and UBX would be 
the suitable for me.I'm gonna buy four daughterboards to use it as 2x2 MIMO. 
One USRP X310 for Tx, the other USRP for Rx.My target frequency is from 1.8GHz 
to 2.8GHz. According to datasheet, Both UBX and SBX work on the target 
frequency.I saw the schematic of both SBX and UBX and figured it out that UBX 
has a significantly different structure from SBX.I wonder, which board performs 
better "in the target frequency" in terms of MIMO performance(i.e. phase align 
accuracy, noise level, etc..).I don't have price issue. If the UBX performs 
better or same as the SBX in target frequency(1.8GHz~2.8GHz), I would like to 
buy UBX since it has more wide frequency range.Regards,
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