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Hi everyone,

I want to use the ettus code for the USRP B210, however, may I know which is the Top file as I noticed there are 3 different ones. B200.v , B200_core.v , B200_io.v. Tried to add the source file to Xilinx ISE 14.7 but there are some files that I couldn’t find, eg. Gpif_sync, slave_fifo32, uart_timing_fifo etc.

What are the essentials file and where do I find it?

Thanks in advance!

There is a directory called "top":

And under that is a subdirectory callled "B200":


That is the top-level for the B200, and there's a Makefile in there that you'll need to run:


which will generate a project file for the ISE GUI.

Note that Ettus don't use the ISE GUI environment for doing builds, which is why there are makefiles that are used to produce a consistent and reliable build process, with all the dependencies fully described, etc. It's the only sensible way to do FPGA production builds.

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