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                            NEWSDR 2018

             New England Workshop on Software Defined Radio

                           Eighth Annual

                           Thursday May 3
                           16:00 to 21:00

                            Friday May 4
                           08:00 to 17:00

                  Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
                    Worcester, Massachusetts, USA


                          Free Registration

                     INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE

You are cordially invited to the 2018 New England Workshop on
Software Defined Radio (NEWSDR 2018), which is the eighth installment
of an annual series of symposium and workshop events organized by
the Boston SDR User Group (SDR-Boston).

This year, NEWSDR will be held at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI),
and consists of a day-long symposium on Friday, as well as several
hands-on short courses the evening before on Thursday. You are welcome
to attend either or both events, which are entirely free.

Attendance is typically about 100 people, and attendees come from
both academia and industry.


                           Thursday May 3
                           16:00 to 21:00

                 Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
                  Atwater Kent Laboratories Building
                       125 Salisbury Street
                        Worcester, MA 01609


16:00 to 17:00   Pizza/Soda and Attendee Networking

17:00 to 18:00   Early Session for Setup

18:00 to 21:00   Workshop Events

Two workshops are being offered:

* "Real Time Over-the-Air Communications Links with MATLAB/Simulink"
   by MathWorks

* "FPGA Programming on the USRP with the RFNoC Framework"
   by Ettus Research

MathWorks and Ettus Research will each run a short course during the
evening before the main event. Short courses are technical, practical,
hands-on activities in a group setting. Specific topics and further
details about the short courses will be announced shortly. Attendance
is free, but advance registration is required. Free pizza and soda
will be provided.

FPGA Programming on the USRP using the RFNoC Framework

Ettus Research's RFNoC (RF Network-on-Chip) software framework is
designed to decrease the development time for experienced FPGA
engineers seeking to integrate IP into the USRP FPGA signal
processing chain. RFNoC is the framework for USRP devices that use
Xilinx 7-series FPGAs (E310, E312, X300, X310). RFNoC is built around
a packetized network infrastructure in the FPGA that handles the
transport of control and sample data between the host CPU and the
radio. Users target their custom algorithms to the FPGA in the form
of Computation Engines (CE), which are processing blocks that attach
to this network. CEs act as independent nodes on the network that can
receive and transmit data to any other node (e.g., another CE, the
radio block, or the host CPU).  Users can create modular,
FPGA-accelerated SDR applications by chaining CEs into a flow graph.
RFNoC is supported in UHD and GNU Radio. In this workshop, we will
present an interactive hands-on tutorial on RFNoC, including a
discussion on its design and capabilities, demonstrations of several
existing examples, and a walk-through on implementing a user-defined
CE and integrating the CE into GNU Radio.

Attendees do not need to bring any USRP radios or laptop computers.
All necessary hardware and software will be provided in the workshop.

Attendees should have some previous experience with Linux and using
the Linux command line, and basic familiarity with a programming
language such as C, C++, or Python, and have basic understanding of
fundamental concepts in DSP and RF. Attendees should also have some
basic familiarity with Verilog. Extensive or deep experience with
these topics is not necessary.

Real Time Over-the-Air Communications Links with MATLAB/Simulink

In this talk we show how you can transmit and receive over-the-air
signals with MATLAB and a variety of hardware, such as RTL-SDR,
ADALM-PLUTO (PlutoSDR), and USRP. We will work with applications
like broadcast FM, ADS-B (aircraft tracking), and QPSK. We show how
you can build up your own wireless communications link, learning
practical receiver design in the process. After the talk, we will
conduct a workshop for up to 50 attendees to download the RTL-SDR
driver on your personal laptops. We will give you an RTL-SDR radio
to keep, walk you through the install process, and launch several
applications to ensure proper installation. To participate in this
workshop, you must have MATLAB R2017b or later loaded on your laptop,
and you must also have Communications System Toolbox loaded in your
MATLAB install. If need be, you can install the required products
through the Home Version or the Student Version. A Communications
System Toolbox install must include DSP System Toolbox, Signal
Processing Toolbox, and MATLAB. Simulink is optional.


                            Friday May 4
                           08:00 to 17:00

                 Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
                  Atwater Kent Laboratories Building
                       125 Salisbury Street
                        Worcester, MA 01609


07:30 to 08:00   Coffee, Light Breakfast, Attendee Networking

08:00 to 08:15   Welcome and Introduction

08:15 to 09:45   Sponsor Overview Presentations
                 (20 minutes each, 5 sponsors)

09:45 to 10:15   Poster Presenter Elevator Pitches / Oral Presentations
                 (2 minutes each)

10:15 to 11:00   Coffee, Attendee Networking, Poster Sessions,
                 Sponsor Exhibits/Demos

11:00 to 11:45   Invited Presentation:
                 "Remote Sensing of the Space Environment Using
                 Software Defined Radio"
                 Dr Frank Lind, MIT Haystack Observatory

11:45 to 12:45   Lunch, Attendee Networking, Poster Sessions,
                 Sponsor Exhibits/Demos

12:45 to 13:30   Invited Presentation:
                 "Multi-objective SDR Optimization for Wireless
                 Access, Actuation and Attacks"
                 Professor Kaushik Chowdhury, Northeastern University

13:30 to 14:15   Sponsor Technical Presentation: OctoScope

14:15 to 14:45   Coffee, Attendee Networking, Poster Sessions,
                 Sponsor Exhibits/Demos

14:45 to 15:30   Invited Presentation:
                 "Reinventing Wireless with Deep Learning"
                 Mr Nathan West, DeepSig

15:30 to 16:15   Sponsor Technical Presentation: Analog Devices

16:15 to 17:00   Sponsor Technical Presentation: Mediatek

17:00 to 17:15   Closing Remarks

Invited Speakers:
 * Mr Nathan West, DeepSig
 * Prof Kaushik Chowdhury, Northeastern University
 * Dr Frank Lind, MIT Haystack Observatory

Technical Poster Presentations:
 * Covering the recent work in SDR and cognitive radio technology
 * Poster presentations are now being solicited
 * See link at the bottom of this email to submit your abstract

Corporate Sponsors:
 * Ettus Research
 * MathWorks
 * OctoScope
 * Mediatek
 * Analog Devices

The symposium features plenary speakers, technical poster
presentation sessions, hardware and software demonstrations from the
event sponsors, and workshops from the event sponsors, all focusing
on recent work in SDR and cognitive radio technology. Free breakfast,
lunch, and coffee will be provided. Attendance is free, but advance
registration is required.

The symposium provides an excellent networking opportunity and a
terrific venue to exchange thoughts and ideas with other people
working in the SDR space.


* Register for the Symposium, or the Workshop, or both.

* Registration is required but is completely free,
  and includes free food and free parking.

* Attendance, food, parking are all limited, so please register
  online as soon as possible to secure your spot.

* Registration deadline is Saturday April 21.

* See link at the bottom of this announcement to register online.


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                      ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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