Hi all,

So I recently posted about trying to figure out how to specify which channels I 
want. My goal is use all 4 channels of the N310 simultaneously. I used the 
subdev specification "A:0 B:0 C:0 D:0" in the Mb0 subdev spec input on the UHD 
sink block. None of the tx leds light up and I get a lot of 'S' on the console. 
I try each subdev individually, and they all work fine at sps of 12.5 Mhz. I am 
using the example program tx_ofdm.grc with the throttle blocks and ofdm 
transmitter blocks omitted and replaced by a UHD sink. I am using UHD 3.11.01. 
Any ideas on why this doesn't work or how to make it work?

Thank you,


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