I have a custom RFNoC resampler block that works with a simple RX flowgraph but 
not with a TX flowgraph. In the TX case, the radio transmits for a split second 
and then stops transmitting. If I try to run anything on the radio after, it 
fails with the following error, and I have to power cycle the radio for it to 
work again:

RuntimeError: EnvironmentError: IOError: Block ctrl (CE_00_Port_30) no response 
packet - AssertionError: bool(buff)
  in uint64_t ctrl_iface_impl::wait_for_ack(bool)
  at /... /rfnoc/src/uhd/host/lib/rfnoc/ctrl_iface.cpp:197

The flowgraph for RX is Radio-DDC-resampler-sink, and the TX flowgraph is 
Signal source-FIFO-resampler-DUC-Radio. I'm using the axi_rate_change block to 
handle the rate change my resampler introduces, and it looks like the header 
fifo in the axi_rate_change block gets full and causes the pipeline to lock up 
when I run my TX flowgraph, but everything runs fine in RX. Are there any 
differences between RX and TX in RFNoC that might explain why my block works in 
one case but not the other?

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