Hello All,

I am trying to generate OFDM signals of various bandwidths using the X300
(UBX-160), particularly 20/40/80 and 160 MHz bandwidths.
I have used the gnuradio ofdm_tx.grc example file to generate a data file
which I then feed into the USRP an monitor on a spectrum analyzer.

To quickly note, I do not care about the data being transferred, it will
not be received or demodulated in any way and is simply an interfering

At this time I can produce a 20 MHz wide OFDM signal as well as a 100 MHz
wide signal (?) but the 40/80 MHz signals are rounded and look more like an
802.11b signal.

I have noted a message from the X300 that the requested sample rates (40/80
MS respectively) cannot be achieved due to the 200/x ratio being odd.

So my question is this, how do I decouple the USRP's sample rate with the
bandwidth of the signal I am trying to produce?
To put it another way, I produce a data file at 40 MS/s rate then run it on
the X300 at 100 MS/s and I get a 100 MHz wide signal instead of the 40 MHz
I want.

Thanks for the help.
Jacob Knoles
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