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I have an USRP N310 that will be connected to rooftop antennas. The USRP is located in an equipment room filled with telecom equipments on the rooftop of a high building. The antenna is outdoor along with many other cellular/microwave antennas.

Does the USRP N310 has any internal lightning surge protection circuit?
What is your recommend practice for lightning surge protection? Or do you have any documents for this? Shall I use lightning surge arrester on every antenna cable including the active GPS antenna?


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Yes, you should probably have well-grounded lightning protection in front of the device. The telecom folks probably already have an "entry bulkhead" where all their coax comes through, with inline arrestors on every circuit. It would be wise to follow their practice in this regard.

Here at CCERA (http://www.ccera.ca) we use an aluminum bulkhead panel on the cable entrance to the lab, and that panel is directly grounded to a ground rod right outside the lab window. Each coax circuit has a relatively-inexpensive inline coaxial surge protector on it--designed for 75 ohm
  CATV circuits.

You may want to look at products by companies like Polyphaser.

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