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I am currently trying to figure out why my N200 will only support data rates of 5 Msps inside a VM.
System Details:
Host: Ubuntu 16.04

Guest: Centos7
Processors: 8
RAM: 16 GB
Network: Bridged Adapter, virtio

I have used iperf3 to test and verify my network speeds. Speeds going into and out of the VM are both ~900 Mbps. I have also tested the N200 on the host machine, and can achieve 20 Msps without any drops (not sure why I can't hit 25 Msps, but that is a different issue). To test the USRP speeds I am using the built in UHD benchmark_rate example.

benchmark_rate --rx_rate XXe6 --args "num_recv_frames=256"

Any ideas as to why the VM would be killing the data rate? I have had similar issues with USB USRPs, but my understanding was those took a big hit due to the virtualization of the actual USB hardware interface. It seems that with a networked USRP, that as long as the network can handle the speeds (which supposedly it can using iperf3), then I shouldn't see any hit in the data rate.

Thanks for your time and please let me know of any other outputs/commands you would like to see.


Are you only allocating a single CPU core to the VM?  How much memory?

Performance inside a VM will generally be somewhat less, or significantly less, than on the host machine.

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