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Hello Ali,

That "bandwidth" parameter of the UHD Source/Sink block is used to adjust the 'analog bandwidth' of the 'daughterboard'. Most of the daughterboards have a fixed analog bandwidth, so that parameter will be simply ignored in most cases ('uhd_usrp_probe' will give the detailed info about the daughterboard). They are not used to configure digital filter taps.

If you want to add digital filters, you can simply add them on GNU Radio as seperate blocks. Software FIR/IIR filters are pretty slow, but they can keep up when the sampling rate is that low. If you want to push down some codes to the FPGA, consider RFNoC.
Software filters aren't necessarily "pretty slow". It depends on the parameters of the filter. Gnu Radio flow-graphs that include both standard dot-product and FFT-based FIR filters are routinely used at rates of many Msps. Indeed if the software side of this was consistently "pretty slow",
  then SDR likely wouldn't exist at all as a discipline.

It is true that as sample rates climb into the many 10s or 100 or 200Msps, software implementations become very difficult to achieve, which is where
  solutions like RFNoC come in.


Kyeong Su Shin

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