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It is internally assumed that a streamer during its life time has a fixed 
number of streams. What sampling rate are we talking about? Is continuity for 
the other channels a concern? What is the time scale we're switching channels 
on an off?

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On 16 May 2018 13:02:01 GMT+02:00, harfan ryanu via USRP-users 
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>Hi all,
>Currently I am developing an application with multi usrp using two
>X310. My
>current configuration is using all 4 channel in usrp with all subdev
>enabled (A:0 B:0), both feed by an external clock. However I am curious
>we have already issued stream command, is it possible to block one of
>channel especially during send or recv command? My goal is controlling
>which channel can active while the other is not active / not
>I would be glad if anyone could provide me some recommendation on how
>implement such thing.
>Thank you very much,,

This was written on my cellular phone. whilst an impressive piece of 
engineering, this might not be the perfect device to write emails on - please 
excuse my brevity.
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