Hi all,


creating RFNoC-OOT without Xilinx IP blocks works fine, but somehow I
struggle with adding the Xilinx IP xcix files from Vivado to the RFNoC-OOT. 

The rfnocmodtool creates a Makefile.srcs (manually modifying this file is
not recommended according to the tutorial). In contrast, some other
RFNoC-OOTs use Makefile.inc files. So am I supposed to create these
Makefile.inc files manually and how do I add xcix files?

It might be useful to have an "add-ip" (or "add-hls") function in the
rfnocmodtool to create the Makefiles and the folder structure for Xilinx IP
blocks or HLS files.


Additionally I think in one commit a few days ago to the noc_block template
a "." before set_time() is missing. This leads to an error while building an
image with a fresh OOT.


Thanks in advance for your help!


Best regards,



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