I'm looking to transmit a wideband signal from an X310 at 100 MSPS, so I'll
start by posing the very general question of what tips and optimizations do
I need to make to be able to do this reliably.

Here is what I already have set up (this is using a powerful server - 60
cores at 3.4GHz)
GNU Radio 3.7, Ubuntu 16
  - have also downgraded to UHD 3.9 and get generally higher throughput,
less buffer underruns
MTU/frame size set to 8000

But no matter what I try - continuous stream, or TSB bursts, there is a
string of U's when I first start transmitting.  With TSBs, there is also a
string of Us on every burst I send to the UHD sink (with the newer UHD).
I've monkeyed around with parts of gr-uhd and uhd - but nothing of

So any tips to get up to 100MSPS transmit would be greatly appreciated

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