I am continuously transmitting a waveform with several RF with 200MSPS with my 
USRP X310 (modified code on the basis of “tx_samples_from_file.cpp” with a 
waveform in a .dat file). I would like to get a trigger signal from the USRP 
when it is changing the tx- frequency which I set in my .dat file. 
Could the GPIO deliver this trigger without changing the image? 
I am using the SRAM image with UHD 3.14.1

A second question is concerning the GPIO example on 
I copied and paced it in the “tx_waveforms” example just changing the usrp 
device handle to “usrp” but when I compiled it and started tx, I couldn’t 
measure any tension on PIN 4 and 6 as defined in the example. Are there more 
examples how to program the GPIO?
Thank you,
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